Reference case

Add-in document building blocks macros


A sales unit in a industrial high tech multinational uses a CRM system (Exact Synergy) to daily produce multilingual (Dutch, English and German) quotations and orderconfirmations in MS Word.
Within these documents salespersons manually add texual document parts about further configuration information of the products, product components and parts they offer to sell.


The project resulted in the following products:

Document building blocks configuration

Customized ribbon per template

With custom menus and buttons to start the enriched macro functionalitity.

Add-in Standardized and automated document building blocks

Enriched macro functionalitity of the current multilingual templates: After being selected and generated in Exact Synergy (CRM), the MS Word quotes now also contain building block macro functionality for further use by the sales unit.
Multilingual selection and composition of relevant document parts configurations are available per quotation cycle.
Multiple cycles per quotation are possible.
Tool to create specific input fields in document building blocks.

An MS Access database

As input source for dynamic document building (text)blocks macros.


Advise together with the client about the possibilities of a quality and efficiency improvement in the clients correspondence process by using standardized and automated document parts, intended to be used for products, product components and parts.
Define, design, develop and implement automated document parts to enrich the macro functionalitity of the current multilingual templates.


During the project the following software was used:

MS Word

MS Access


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Great Quotation Process Improvement With New Document Building Blocks Macros

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