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Permits and required documents system with document building blocks macros


A number of legal departments at a (national) government agency, uses permits and required documents with accompanying legal content in her daily correspondence, which might vary and differ per department and per situation and gets manually adjusted. The Management Team is on the verge of a major change .


Advise together with the client about the possibilities of a quality and efficiency improvement in the clients correspondence process of the legal departments by formulating and implementing a unified corporate communication policy for all departments.
Define, design, develop and implement a unified corporate communication policy and corporate style.
Streamline, standardise and automate the correspondence process of all legal departments, incl. all related corporate style documents and document building blocks.
Develop a dynamic document building (text)blocks configuration setup, so that it is also suitable for other departments to join.
Develop a centrally multi-user accessible document building blocks system with macros to select and generate relevant corporate style permits and required documents and textual content building blocks.


During the project the following software was used:

MS Word


MS Access


The project resulted in the following products:

A communication policy

Including the definition of the different types/ways of correspondence (formal/informal) per target audience, tone of voice, salutation and signature

A corporate style

correspondence process study

Insights into the correspondence process and the use of documents per legal department.
Propsal to streamline and optimalize the correspondence process, including the standardization and automation of corporate identity documents per legal department.

A document building (text)blocks configuration setup

As a basis for the document building blocks system

A document building blocks system for permits and required documents

Standardised and automated set of brand compliant MS Word templates
Dynamic macros and document building (text)blocks, varying per department, per type of permit and language related choices.
Selection of relevant document building blocks per department per type of permit and language.
Document building blocks documents contain automated data entry fields.
Automated salutation, signature and other dynamic textelements per department, it’s content depending of the target audience per department, per document and the authorization per employee.
Multi-user, centrally accessible in MS Word in a customized ribbon.

An MS Access database

As input source for standardized MS Word templates and macro´s
Keywords: office automation, templates, standardisation, quality, efficiency, improvement, corporate identity requirements, standardized letters, standardized correspondence, document building blocks, document parts, insert documents, document building blocks macros, document building blocks configuration, legal, correspondence.

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