About Us

Solutions4Office specializes in the alignment of processes, systems and (office) organisation to provide services and solutions for office automation and possible integration with enterprise software.
We (further) develop upon our customers’ own Microsoft Office platforms and infrastructures.
Not only for helping you to improve your performance and productivity.
But also for helping you reinforce your independence and agile abilities.
So you can strengthen the grip on your business. And eg. adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

Do you recognize (any of) the following questions?

These are a few (of the many) areas our customers need help with and for which we offer suitable MS Office solutions. Find out what Solutions4Office can do for your business:

  • Are you planning to renew or expand your set of corporate style documents?
  • Are your standardized MS Word correspondence letters not functioning properly after a CRM update?
  • Are you looking for a reliable implementation partner for your graphically designed documents?
  • Would you like to have add-ons with macro’s in the editing process, on top of your existing MS Word templates? For example to (select/deselect) display/hide and/or insert text blocks? Whether these contain dynamic data fields, linked to data from ERP (such as SAP, Exact, Oracle or other ERP) software or f.e. document management software?
  • Are you considering a new document management system? Custom developed or for instance licensed to your company?
  • Are your MS Excel reports not functioning properly or have they become unmanageable?
  • Do you want your own custom scorecard/dashboard solution?
  • Are you looking for an affordable and suitable software solution for your (primary) business process and or create/own it yourself?
  • Are you looking for a good alternative solution for combining (output)data out of different (enterprise) systems?
  • Are you considering a management reporting tool without having to purchase an expensive BI-tool?
  • Do you want to (further) train your staff in using MS Word, Excel and or Access?


Powerful, accessible and practical MS Office solutions

Within the field of office automation Microsoft Office is by far the most used software. It enables you to create powerful, accessible and practical solutions for your business. Its powerful programming language (VBA) enables the integration of various components within Microsoft Office for your custom-tailored solutions.

Solutions4Office for all your custom-tailored quality solutions in MS Office

As a pioneer in custom-tailored high quality Microsoft Office solutions we aim to streamline, optimize and automate our customers’ business processes design in an efficient and effective way. Its practical, accessible and broad application makes Microsoft Office software very suitable for automating almost any kind of business process you desire in your office!

Solutions4Office: Optimal combination of education, expertise and practical experience

Solutions4Office aims to offer added value by relentlessly pursuing continuous improvement and excellence in projects, products, processes, and services based on a broad combination of education, knowledge, expertise and practical experience.
Over 25 years of broad, profound knowledge and experience in almost any kind of industry enables us to rightfully determine the overall picture of your needs and translate it to the right custom-tailored strategy and solution for your business and your specific requirements.
Our highly educated professionals from your region have specialist expertise from your industry to help you achieve your desired solutions, tools and systems of your choice.
Get the most out of your MS office software!

Vision & Mission Statement

Solutions4Office´s vision statement is: “Added value through cooperation”. Our extensive network of professionals possesses the required knowledge, expertise, experience and (empathic) consultancy skills for helping our customers use software technology to interact with their:

  • people and resources
  • customers and
  • partners

We strive to be your personal, local and long-term full service software partner for your custom-tailored MS Office solutions, to offer added value at any time.

Find out what Solutions4Office can do for you:

Custom-tailored quality solutions
Fast, effective immediate results

Automate any business process

Expertise from your industry

Please feel free to contact us for further information!
Get the most out of your MS office software!