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At Solutions4Office we help our customers increase performance and productivity. By developing custom tailored solutions utilizing their Microsoft Office platforms and infrastructures;
Therefore avoiding the need to purchase additional expensive (enterprise) software. Not only for helping to improve your performance and productivity. But also for eg. helping you reinforce your image, independence and agile abilities. So you can strengthen the grip on your business. And eg. adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

To realize your desired custom tailored automation solution, we follow a 7-step approach, as shown in the diagram flow.

Process Approach

The 7-step approach as used by Solutions4Office:

Please find below a more detailed description about our 7-step approach. Depending on your requests some steps may vary:


1. Preparation and advice

You explain us your initial needs and wishes, preferably with process/system examples if available. During an introduction interview our industry specialist will jointly determine the right representation, purpose and scope. Subsequently we will send you our professional advice finalized in a quote


2. Specify requirements, functional analysis and design

After we receive your signed agreement, we create a detailed functional design of the advised custom tailored solution, which includes a functional process description and a visual (displayed) design (incl. screens, buttons etc.) .


3. Development/construction/configuration of your solution

Based on your approval of the functional design, we will realize your custom Microsoft Office (MS Word, Excel, Access) solution to meet your needs.


4. Testing

After your custom solution has been tested first by our professional(s), you will have the opportunity to test it yourself according to the functional design. Based on your feedback, our professional will finalize any adjustments. After your approval the final version will be released for use.


5. Training and instruction

To ensure that your users are able to master your custom tailored solution as soon as possible, we offer a custom tailored training and or instruction, based on your request(s)


6. Delivery and release

Our specialist will deliver the final version to you, including all project products as agreed on, roll it out and (if necessary) distribute it to all users for further (live/real-time) use.


7. Aftercare

After going live, we can offer you an intensive aftercare period to solve and release any appearing issues directly on best-effort basis.

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