Reference case

MS Excel Macro Dashboard Report template


An international management consultancy firm provides various products and services, inter alia focussed on organizational change.
They use e.g. an in-house developed management tool for generating various .xml report files, for further use in MS Excel.
Subsequently they perform many (post) manual changes in these reports, which are almost impossible to perform in a manual way.


We used the following software in this project:

MS Excel




Advise together with the client about the possibilities within MS Excel to further optimize and professionalise its current reporting process.
In order to generate a standardized management report in MS Excel by means of a macro that is based on a random .xml report (source) file.


This project resulted in the following products:

Standardized MS Excel Macro template

Incl. macro functionality to generate professional dashboard report formats based on random .xml report (source) files.

Predefined Standardized MS Excel Dashboard Report

Generated and further formatted by means of the standardized MS Excel Macro template based on random .xml report (source) files.
Incl. Layout, Color Format Conditions.

Automated and Professional Reports

Fast Effective Quality and Effiency Improvements In reporting Process

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