Reference case

Strategic Wheel and Scorecard


Due to a national outline agreement on valorisation colleges and universities are required to have their own valorisation key performance indicators. A College Board needs to gain insight in her valorisation policy and processes to shape, share internally and report about it.


The project resulted in the following products:


Literature study

With mapped effective knowledge management transfer and translation into qualitative and quantitative measurable valorization processes.

Strategic (valorisation) model (wheel)

With detailed measurement areas with relevant quantitative, qualitative KPI´s and questionnaire.

Practical user-friendly KPI scorecard

To record and report KPI´s (incl. various mgt. Gantt chart reports) in order to be able to test, monitor and evaluate (the impact of) their valorisation policy.


Advise together with the client about the possibilities of gaining insight in her own valorisation policy (and it’s complex processes) to shape it with practical instruments to measure, record and report (about) it(s impact).


During the project the following software was used:

MS Word

MS Excel


Keywords: office automation, valorisation, effective knowledgement transfer, qualitative and quantitative measurable valorization processes, strategic (valorisation) model (wheel), qualitative and quantitative KPI’s, questionnaire, key performance indicators, reports, charts, bar charts, gantt charts

Complete Mapped and Shaped Effective Valorisation Policy

Total Solution From Concept To Implementation

Professional Valorisation Wheel Scorecard With Gantt Chart Reports

Quantitative And Qualitative KPI's

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