Reference case

Custom MS PowerPoint Macro Templates


An international management consultancy firm provides various products and services, inter alia focussed on organizational change.
They use e.g. an in-house developed management tool for generating various MS PowerPoint reports.
Subsequently they perform some (post) manual changes in these reports, which they want to automate.


We used the following software in this project:

MS PowerPoint



Advise together with the client about the possibilities within MS PowerPoint to further optimize and professionalise its current reporting process.
In order to standardize and automate as many manual changes as possible in the various generated MS PowerPoint reports by means of a macro.


This project resulted in the following products:

Predefined MS PowerPoint template

Overview scores slide incl. predefined figures and bar charts aligned to the corporate style.

Custom MS PowerPoint Macro Template

In every MS PowerPoint report this will be available for every user to run manually.
Incl. macros for generating a table of contents, inserting the predefined overview slide with various figures and bar charts, taking over score values ​​and colors from sourcedata in another slide of a report, adding logos and adjusting titles and shapes.

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