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Dashboard incl. Periodic reports


On a Sales Operations department in a high-tech multinational managers manually (try to) maintain their own periodic reports in MS Excelsheets. They manually download (export) data from the following three source systems: SAP BW (Actuals), Microsoft Dynamics CRM (salesfunnel and forecast) and a MS Excel sheet with targets.
Subsequently they import and manually edit this data in MS Excelsheets to create their own periodic (monthly, quarterly and half-yearly) reports.
Reports containing combined data from various source systems, are not yet to their disposal.
In the context of quality and efficiency they would like to optimize this reporting process to obtain a better if not complete (financial) grip on their own business.


This project includes the following software:

MS Excel

MS Access



Advise together with the client about the possibilities within MS Office to further optimize and professionalise their current sales reporting process, to obtain a better (financial) grip on their own business.
Implement this advice to realize qualitative and efficiency improvements by developing a dashboard solution incl. periodic management reports in MS Access:
Create automated import functionality for fixed columned (MS Excel .csv) data inputfiles (from source systems SAP BW and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and aggregation with masterdata to generate automated periodic sales reports, showing actual, target and forecast data.


This project resulted in the following products:

Fixed columned data input sheets

These are (as “flat” .csv files) exported SAP BW (Actuals) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (sales funnel and forecast) reports.

A central MS Access backend database

Containing a physical data model designed for to be imported and combined inputdata from various source systems.

A dashboard as a central multi-user MS Access frontend database

Containing a (periodic) import function for (MS Excel) data inputfiles from SAP BW and Microsoft Dynamics CRM).
Containing a maintenance function for master data.
Containing a reporting function to automatically generate master data and periodic reports (including actuals-forecast-target, actual-versus-target and forecast).
Keywords: office automation, dashboard, reports, qualitative and efficient improvements, SAP BW, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, actuals, salesfunnel, forecast, Change Request, short term solution, actuals-forecast-target, actuals-versus-target and forecast.

Dashboard incl. Automated and Professional Reports

Hugh Quality and Effiency Improvement In Sales reporting Process

Solutions4Office as Multi-Systemintegrator

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