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A marketing department of a marketleader in medical quality solutions and services organises per (+30) lab periodic lectures for all its (prospective) clients as part of learning community program. For every lecture event they manually setup a mailing in self-created and non-standardized MS Word documents: per (prospective) client they they manually add a.o. contact data, specific information about every lecture, lecturer (s background) and lab (contact) information. By linking them to MS Excel files, containing address data dumps (per lab) from their CRM database, they generate a large totalised MS Word document, which they manually print and distribute to their target audience. Being a crucial (and time consuming) marketing activity, the management team is looking for a quick and low cost quality improvement.


Advise together with the client about the possibilities within MS Office to further optimize and professionalise the lecture mailing process.
Implement this advice to realise qualitative and efficient improvements by developing an automated (interface) solution in MS Word and MS Access.


This project includes the following software:

MS Word

MS Access

MS SQL Server



This project resulted in the following products:

Standardized and automated MS Word mailing templates

Containing automated document building blocks selection per lecture(event) and per lab(location), which (textual and visual) content is stored in a MS SQL Server backend database.
Containing automated e-mail functionality to distribute the lecture mailing by e-mail.

A central MS SQL Server backend database

Created stored procedures with read-only dataviews containing prospect and clients contact/address information, lecture, tecturer (s background) and lab (contact) information, including lab and lecturer pictures.
Stored procedures are used as an input source for document building blocks in the standardized and automated MS Word templates for the lecture mailings.

A lecture database as a central multi-user MS Access frontend database

Linked to (stored procedures in) the MS SQL Server backend database.
Containing a maintenance function for master data (of lectures, lecturers and labs).
Containing a main function for starting/setting up a mailing per lecture event a.o. by using automated MS Word templates connected to master data in the central MS SQL Server backend database
Containing a registration function for participation data per lecture. The (prospects and) clients contact information is maintained in Exact Synergy.
Containing a report function to automatically generate master data and lecture participation reports
Keywords: office automation, reports, qualitative and efficient improvements, standardize and automated MS Word templates, MS Access database, MS SQL Server database, Exact Synergy, lecture database, learning community, mailing, automated document building blocks, stored procedures.

Hugh Quality and Effiency Improvement In Marketing Mailing Process

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